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Hello from Sicily!

Beside this country having great food and wine, this is a very beautiful and magical environment. Maybe it's because of the awesome wine I'm drinking??

Sicily sunset

My words for the evening: You never know what tomorrow brings. It could be very good or very devastating. Stay ready for change... at least try.. Love when you can love, cry when you're able to cry. Choose peace between each other instead of war.

Regard & protect your mind, body, soul & spirit. Smile when you're able to smile at someone. A simple smile could save someone's life or make someone's day. You never know the battles complete strangers are facing.

Please be kind to your family and friends.

The same energy and efforts you use to hate & hold grudges, it takes the same energy and efforts to love. Hatred and grudges is a choice.

To love and respect each other is better for your health. Try it.. -Franklin Vanderbilt

As we all know, life is short.. However, We don't have to choose death within our souls.. -Franklin Vanderbilt

#FranklinVanderbilt #durms #touring #lennykravitz

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