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Friday night with my first love: JAZZ

Friday night with my first love:JAZZ Last night I had to visit my first musical love: JAZZ The name of the club was the VILLAGE VANGUARD. This club is a super historical venue.. All of the major jazz greats from the past & present has played here.. It's important that you visit this club whenever you're in New York City. Growing up in Chicago music scene, I had to KNOW how to play jazz and blues. Learning this amazing American art form was the best thing that happened to my career & life. Playing jazz opened up my musical ears, spirit & creativity. It taught me to push beyond my musical boundaries. In addition to listening last night to the KURT ROSENWINKLE TRIO, I finally had the honor of meeting one of my favorite drummers from New York: Greg Hutchinson. He's not only an amazing player. He's a super cool dude. I had a hell of a drum lesson last night!!!! LOL ALSO, Kendrick Scott was in the house. Kendrick Scott has always been one of my favorite drummers. He's a beast for real!! Much respect to Kendrick & Greg.

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